Question and Answer session with Debbie Kiem, Adventure Horseback Guide Part II of II

Last week was part I of the interview with Windwalker Adventure Horseback Guide, Debbie Kiem. This week we finish with part II:

Interviewer: Where did you live during the time you were competing in barrel racing and IPRA?

Question and Answer session with Debbie Keim, Adventure Horseback Guide: Part I of II

We have so many great Windwalker Adventure Horseback Guides to write about that it was hard to choose the next one for this series! But after talking with Debbie Keim a couple of weeks ago, it was obvious that she was the perfect choice to go next. This is part I of her interview:

Interviewer: What is your background in horse riding?

Caught out in a Storm!

One of our Windwalker adventure guides, Barry, recently relayed the story of a time when he got caught out in the middle of a big storm while out riding with clients. In fact, this was not just a storm, it was a blinding blizzard white out, right in the middle of the desert!

“I had to hold my arm up in front of my face, had to pull my hat down, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I cannot believe this is happening, in the Arizona desert of all places!!’ The group had to just stand still and wait it out, there was nothing else we could do, we could go nowhere, no shelter around to escape to!”

Guest Stories: Barbara Stone

We thought it would be fun to interview some of our previous guests and post stories about their experiences on this blog. After all, our mission is to create the best imaginable experience for our guests. Specifically designed to help foster a memorable adventure that will last a lifetime! Who better to tell their stories than those who have been out on the trail with us? Below is our first guest interview, with Barbara Stone from British Columbia:

Interviewer: What day did you go out on your ride? 

What's in it for the novice?

Exploring nature and the beauty of the Arizona wilderness by horseback can be a very exciting, rejuvenating and fulfilling experience that can create a feel-good memory that lasts a lifetime. However, some people may be a bit timid about the idea of riding a horse, especially if they have never been on one before. Questions may be going through their minds, such as “What will it be like? What if I fall off? Will the horse rush off without me being in control? What if the horse doesn’t like me? Do horses bite or kick? What if I get behind the group or lost?”

Question and Answer session with Barry Moffet, Adventure Horseback Guide

With this posting today, we are continuing our series of interviews with Windwalker's Adventure Horseback Guides. We hope that this will serve as an introduction so that you will feel as if you already know your guide a little bit before going out with them. This week, we interview Barry Moffett:

Barry Moffett is one of our most popular western horseback guides. He was born in Nevada, raised in Arizona and has been training and riding horses for 35 years, making him well-versed in the art of handling horses. Barry has competed for many years as a professional rodeo cowboy, taking numerous awards and accolades. Working with people and exploring the ponderosa pine forest of Arizona’s rim country are two of his favorite activities.

Horseback Riding Tips: Part II

By developing your riding skill and your knowledge, you can greatly enhance the pleasure and safety of horseback riding. Communication between you and your horse is one crucial aspect of riding skill. Last week we presented a post with riding tips 1-3. Below we wanted to give you tips 4 and 5:

Riding Tip #4

It is helpful to understand horse behavior and the similarities between humans and horses:

Question and Answer session with Clydea Hastie, Adventure Horseback Guide: Part II of II

Last week we posted part I of the interview with Clydea Hasties, today we wanted to give you more of her story:

Interviewer: How do you handle cold in the long endurance races?

Horseback Riding Tips: Part I

As a part of this weekly blog, we wanted to include educational information that will help you get the most out of your horse-riding experience. Having some basic skills down will greatly improve your riding ability and you will have a lot more fun on your rides. This post will be the first in a series about riding tips.

Question and Answer session with Clydea Hastie, Adventure Horseback Guide: Part I of II

The following interview is with Clydea Hastie, an adventure horseback guide with Windwalker Expeditions. She has been Endurance Riding since 1969 and has over 10,000 competitive miles under her belt. Clydea’s accomplishments are truly inspiring.

Interviewer:  How’d you first get into endurance riding?