Melissa from Alexandria, MN says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Alexandria, MN
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
November 8, 2020
Tonto National Forest
Adventure type: 
2.5 hour ride
Best. Time. Ever. Joseph, thank you so much! Simply the best horse riding experience I have ever had. I've had the chance to ride here and there over the years -- this was by far the best, fun, informative time I've ever had! Joseph was so great with my girls, who are beginner riders. At the start, he let them know that we weren't just going to go out on a typical trail ride; he told them he was going to help them learn HOW to ride a horse. And he did - taking the time to show them how to position themselves, hold the reins, turn the horse, walk, stop. They felt so much more confident, secure and in control! Joseph - it was just so fun to listen to you and watch you at work. Your love for horses and nature shines through. Please do not hesitate to call Windwalkers. The next time we are back in Scottsdale, we will be back out on the trail with them. Actually, I would plan a whole trip back JUST to be able to go out riding with Jospeh again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful horses with us. Truly, a pleasure. -Melissa, Atti and Linnea