Lino Dinis from Toronto, Canada says...

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Lino Dinis
Toronto, Canada
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
April 14, 2019
Superstition Wilderness
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I had a very memorable and enjoyable experience riding a beautiful Appaloosa breed that Joseph kindly saddled up for me. We rode through this beautiful majestic terrain and Joseph was the perfect guide and leader. I have some riding experience with horses from my past life on a ranch but Joseph helped me to understand riding at a more in depth technical level. I was able to be more aware of my novice habits and reaquaint myself in the saddle. I felt really connected to the experience in the Wilderness and meeting Joseph as a guide was also great! I look forward to returning later this year with my Wife and hopefully begining a serious relationship long term with the Arizona Wilderness and Windwalker Expeditions. Thanks again Joseph for the awesome morning. Lino
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