Ginger Rogers from Nashville, TN says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Ginger Rogers
Nashville, TN
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
July 9, 2013
Tonto National Forest, Scottsdale, Arizona
Adventure type: 
horseback riding
Excellent! I've been riding all my life, but frequently fall off because I don't like to pay attention to what I'm doing as I'd rather enjoy my surroundings and let the horse handle the rest. Joseph was my guide and he rode Levi. I rode Jasper, what an amazing boy he is! So intelligent, interested in his surroundings and totally in charge of his domain! He gave me the freedom to forget myself and enjoy the Sonoran desert surrounding us. Great horse, excellent spirit and temperament. Levi doesn't like to lead, but Jasper does, so Joseph let me be out in front quite a bit of the trip, which was good for Jasper... I'm used to riding quarter horses, not Arabians.... this was the smoothest, most confident ride I've ever had. I came out of the saddle SEVERAL times running up the hills... Jasper was great... he was so sure of himself, that I had no fear. Can he come home with me?????
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Client submitted photo