Doug and Sue from Kerrville, Texas says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Doug and Sue
Kerrville, Texas
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
February 18, 2011
Tonto National Forest
Adventure type: 
Horseback Riding
What a wonderful adventure! We can't thank our guide Debbie enough; it was such a treat to ride her beautiful and trail-savvy horses over some of the most beautiful desert terrain we've ever seen. Once she saw we knew what we were doing, she led us up a magnificent ridge where the views were spectacular. Then down through some washes and canyons. All in all, a great ride. We're already planning a return trip next year and hope to make it a full day ride next time. This is such a fantastic concept, so different from the typical "trail ride" where it's nose-to-tail and no adventure. It may seem expensive but it's more than worth it for a ride you won't forget. Thank you!