Deborah Achen from Calgary, Alberta says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Deborah Achen
Calgary, Alberta
Adventure Information
Date of Adventure: 
March 4, 2011
Black Canyon
Adventure type: 
Endurance Horseback
This is my second year in a row to go out for a full day ride, and my first time with Milton Joseph. As was the case last year, it was another fantastic time and Joseph was a superb guide. Upon request, I was able to be paired up with another experienced rider and horse owner (Karen). So that added to the fun, and resulted in a new friend. We have already talked out going out together next year as there is a good chance we'll be there together again. One new adventure for me was seeing rattle snakes - luckily hearing them first! While I wasn't about to get off my horse to take a closer look, Joseph did and managed to get some memorable pictures on my camera, which I have attached. Because of his knowledge of their behavior, it wasn't as scary as I would have thought. But, I was happy watching from a safe distance on top of my reliable stead! At my request, I was able to ride the same horse as last year, the lovely Arial. Certainly an adventure I would recommend again for experienced riders that want some fun on horse-back away from home. And the only way, in my opinion, to really enjoy the desert scenery.
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