Deborah Achen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada says...

Client Information
Client name: 
Deborah Achen
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Adventure Information
McDowell park, Arizona
Adventure type: 
Horseback riding adventure
As an experienced horse owner and rider, I had a fantastic time with Susie on a 5.5 hour ride on Arial on Feb 24 in McDowell park. It certainly more than met my expectations and was just like being out on my horse in the mountains where I live (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), with a girlfriend for the day. It was my first time in Scottsdale, and truly the highlight of my vacation. No other horse "rental" ride that I have ever been on came close to being the "real" thing like this was. Arial was a perfect lady, forward and willing (and in shape), but attentive and well-trained. Of course, I enjoyed the scenery and the location too. I have to say, I was a little nervous at first about going out in the desert with a "guide" I discovered on the internet!!! But, no worries the second I met Susie. I can't wait to come back another time and try another venue! Thanks too to Milton Joseph for the time he spent on the phone with me talking about the various venues and for matching me up with Susie and Arial.